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Strategies to improve your Mental Health


Speaking Topics

► What having a mental health condition really feels like - raw and real experiences from someone that has personally been there
► Strategies you can implement to improve and maintain your mental health
► How you can still have a fulfilling life living with a mental health condition/s
► Mental health in the workplace, what you can do to have a mentally healthy workplace
► Unemployment, mental health and the journey back to employment! 




What other people say about Stuart Rawlins & Healthy Mind Healthy Future


May 2017

"We were extremely privileged to have Stuart Rawlins from 'Healthy Mind Healthy Future' as April's guest speaker at 'Stories of HOPE'.


I have heard many speakers over my time but Stuart Rawlins really moved us all as he shared his very personal journey about a life dedicated to the care of others as a police officer on the Sunshine Coast for many years and as a leading investigator in the Daniel Morcombe case.


People have not stopped talking about Stuart's story and the sensitive way he delivered it. Talking about how he navigated his way through his own journey with PTSD and Mental Health issues Stuart now has a deep passion and enthusiasm to see others healed and now spends time educating, empathising and helping thousands of others who have been suffering in silence.


He has literally brought the stigma of Mental Health and PTSD right out of the box and in doing so is setting others free to also talk about their pain and move into a place of healing themselves.  


What was hard in his life is now being used for good as his remarkable journey of recovery continues". 


Kerrie Atherton | Founder | Stories of HOPE


September 2016

“Stuart has been a friend of mine for about 7 years. He has known me at my lowest of times, and now at my best frame of mind.

His articles on Mental Health hit home time and again. And I realise how even when I thought I'd come through my own anxiety and depression, there was still more sorting to do.

Stuart speaks from personal experience, and has come out the other side with a positive and healthy outlook on life. We don't often think about the traumas inflicted on our emergency services personnel - what they witness day after day in their occupations I can not imagine.

Thank you Stuart for all you are giving back to your and our community. You are a wonderful, caring and selfless human

Debbie Norman | Audrey's Kitchen  


March 2016

“Stuart recently delivered an empowered motivational session, delivered in real world language, with some of our young job seekers.


During this time, every single young adult hung off each of Stuart's sentences and actions. It was an amazing experience to witness, and I am certain our job seekers are much better prepared for their future.


Stuart is to be commended for his tirelessness energy, and giving nature”.

Thomas Skennerton | Business Development Manager | HELP Enterprises 

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