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Healthy Mind Healthy Future was created in 2016 by Stuart Rawlins to simply help others through life’s tough times, with a particular focus on Mental Health and Unemployment.

Stuart’s passion to help individuals and businesses in these two areas was born through his own lived experiences, triumphs and challenges.

From being selected as a Detective to work as a part of the principle investigative team on Qld’s largest ever murder investigation (Daniel Morcombe) to being unemployed for 10 months while he battled with is mental health, Stuart has the first hand knowledge to help you, your organisation or your students get through those tough times in life.


"People have not stopped talking about Stuart's story and how he navigated his way through his own journey with PTSD and Mental Health issues. He has literally brought the stigma of Mental Health and PTSD right out of the box and in doing so is setting others free to also talk about their pain and move into a place of healing themselves."  
Kerrie Atherton
Founder | Stories of HOPE

some recent events

2018 Winter Mental Health Forum - Guest Speaker
2018 'What Would You Do If' - School Program
2018 'Men's Mental Health Night' - Guest Speaker
2018 Autumn 'Salt Magazine' - Article
2018 'Stories of HOPE' - Guest Speaker
2018 'Coffee Chats with Matt Collins' - Podcast

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