This article is actually a DRAFT chapter called ‘Gaining their trust’ from my upcoming book ‘Who is really watching your children’.

This book contains information that is not watered down and not from a magazine, but directly from the mouths of the peadophiles themselves.

I learnt this information after befriending peadophiles from all over Australia, whilst being part of the principal investigative team on the Daniel Morcombe murder investigation for three years.

Yes, befriending peadophiles as disgusting as it sounds was something I had a knack for, and something that yielded some amazing but very disturbing information.

Please Note – All names have been changed in this article to protect all victims and unfortunately to also protect the person who provided the information.

Gaining their trust
As we pulled up outside it looked like any other block of units in the area, a small complex in an L-shape with two levels.

With the anticipation of what was about to happen the rush of adrenalin started and my mind was full of questions. Was he going to be home? How was he going to react to our visit? Could we get him to talk? Do his neighbours know about him and what he has done? I mean what he has really done, not the cover story he has probably sold them about where he has been for the last ten years.

Are there kids living in this complex? My god I hope not!

As I surveyed the complex from the car it was quite apparent that finding Lance’s unit and getting to it without being picked as Detectives was simply not going to happen. Dressed in business clothes, my partner and I were going to stand out like the proverbial. We needed to be prepared and know where we were going, and head straight there with purpose, no distractions.

As I continued to look at the complex from within the car trying to work out the unit numbering system to aid us in a quick and direct entry, people meandered around coming and going. Thank god no-one had really taken any notice of the Detective’s car parked on the roadway.

With drilled pursuit rims and the standard extra aerial for the Police radio it stood out about as much as we did. Either no-one noticed or it was such a common occurrence seeing a Police car at the complex they simply didn’t care.

Looking at the rusted handrails and spotting the concrete external staircase was a dead giveaway that this place was certainly not sporting a lift. By this time, I had worked out that Lance’s unit was on the second level, just a few metres from the top of the stair case.

Time to re-read my intelligence file on Lance to make sure I was familiar with everything about him. We needed to ensure we knew everything, where he had done time, who his associates were (inside and outside of jail), what he had done time for and when he had gotten out.

We needed to come from a position of knowledge from the get-go. Lance needed to have the impression that we knew everything about him. This would allow myself and my partner to be in a position of power from the outset, allowing us to cut through the bullshit initial story he would give.

Believe me when I say that he would give an initial bullshit story, they always did.

You see Lance had just recently been released from prison, he had done 10 years straight for sodomising young boys. Yes, 10 years straight without parole! Now to put that into perspective think about the jail sentences you see and hear about in the media, and how little real jail time people get sentenced to these days?

Now think about what atrocities Lance would have had to have committed to get a non-parole period of 10 years? For the protection of Lance’s victims (not Lance) I won’t go into details for any of them, but I am sure you get the picture that Lance was not an upstanding citizen of his community.

With a head full of information on Lance and the adrenalin pumping we were out of the car and heading straight for his unit on the second level. Up the stairs with no distractions and within a minute we were outside his front door ready to ‘pop in for a chat’.

A quick listen for any inside movement and we were knocking on his front door, the long drive to see Lance had ended. It was business time! We needed to talk to Lance and find out what he knew about Daniel Morcombe’s disappearance directly or indirectly.

As the door opened we were met by an ageing overweight man wearing glasses and sporting matching tracksuit top and bottoms, Lance was well groomed and quietly spoken. His unit was very small and old, but extremely neat and tidy with a feeling of organisation that reeked of someone who had done time in the armed forces or prison. We knew which one it was for Lance.

As we entered his unit Lance knew exactly who we were, his background and our dress code left no room for chance that we were anyone else but the Police.

You can read their body language and the expression on their faces in circumstances like this, it screams of ‘What are they after, what story should I give them, what do they know?’

As I walked into his unit I saw several things that grabbed my attention, things that were just not right, they were out of place and immediately raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

Just inside Lance’s door was an extremely large teddy bear, when I say extremely large I mean this thing was the size of five-year old kid and twice as wide. It was not hidden away in a secret spot or a cupboard, no it was the first thing you saw when you walked into Lance’s unit.

The next thing I saw was several remote-control cars and buggies on shelves and the floor, once again not hidden at all, they were all in plain view. As we sat at the kitchen table it was apparent that Lance’s unit was full of kids toys and apparel.

Why was this so concerning? For two reasons. First, Lance had no kids, no grand kids, no valid reason for having kid’s toys. Secondly, as already mentioned Lance had only very recently been released from serving 10 years’ jail for sodomising young boys.

At the time of seeing this I had no kids of my own but I was sickened to the bottom of my stomach, I found myself thinking how does this work. How do you get out of prison for committing such horrific crimes against children and within such a short period of time go and acquire a large amount of kid’s toys? There was no other reason other than the obvious, Lance knew it and so did we.

Detachment is a technique practiced by Police. Detaching yourself emotionally from what you are doing, seeing and hearing is a coping mechanism commonly used by Police Officers when they are dealing with horrific incidents or people.

When dealing with Lance I too had to detach myself from what I was feeling, seeing and hearing, otherwise all the valuable information would have been lost.

As we questioned Lance within a short period of time it was apparent that he was not involved in the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe.

Then the bullshit story about why he had the toys came rolling out with excuse after excuse. We weren’t buying it, and he knew it, so outcome Lance’s Plan B.

Lance’s Plan B was common with some paedophiles and it involved the art of deflection. Basically, by providing you with information about what other paedophiles were doing they would attempt to deflect the attention away from themselves and the crimes that they are committing.

The old look over there and over there but not here trick!

I knew this was Lance’s angle before he even opened his mouth and started offering up the information.

But what I wasn’t ready for was the amount of information that I would also garnish from Lance over the coming months about how some paedophiles operated and about how he used to operate himself. All spoken about in the past tense of course, so as not too implicate himself with anything he may be doing now.

Why? Because Lance wanted me to like him, he wanted me to believe that all of his bad deeds were behind him and he was fully reformed. Not likely!

The following information you are about to read is not politically correct, it has not been watered down and that is for a reason.  That reason is so that people can get the real and raw information direct from the paedophiles themselves, about how they operate. How they target children, and manage to lure them away from their parent or parents with their full blessing in-order to eventually molest them.

You see Lance worked out some time ago that he didn’t have to go far to find his next victim, for him it was a mere stroll out on the footpath to sit and watch the day go by, sitting at the bus stop or a nearby park and just watching people, in full view.

Lance was specifically looking for the low socioeconomic single mum with three to four kids. He would look for a family that had a child who was special needs. He was also looking for the family that for whatever reason did not have a car and were having to rely on public transport to do things like their grocery shopping.

Yes, as disgusting as it is, Lance was preying on people in his community that were vulnerable and at breaking point. People whose normal barriers may be lowered because of the predicament they found themselves in, and this was normally associated with money and their lack of it.

After watching for a bit Lance would approach the mum and ask to help-out with carrying their groceries home from the bus stop or the park.

On the way home Lance would start up some small talk about how he was retired and had no real family of his own and that he lived in the local area. Being an older man he would explain how he loved the idea of grand kids and had a lot of time on his hands, with not much to do.

All the while Lance was paying extra attention to the child with special needs. This extra attention was on purpose so the mother could see that he not only had an interest in her children, but that he had an extra interest in her child who took up most of her time, and who was sometimes the hardest to handle out of her four children.

Within a few not-so coincidental encounters with the family Lance would find himself in a position where he would suggest to the mother that he would be happy to mind the lady’s special needs child whilst she went and did the grocery shopping.

A win win situation was the approach, Lance would get his grand kid time and the mother of four would have a much easier time doing the grocery shopping with her three other children who did not have special needs.
Especially when they had to do it all using public transport.

This is when Lance would make sure that the first few times he minded the child, that they had fun and that there was no issue if mum’s shopping took longer than first planned. This was another ploy to break down any potential barriers the mum may have that something was not right.

After a few times the mum would almost become indebted to Lance with how thankful she was that he helped them out when she had to go and do the dreaded shopping.

This was the turning point in the relationship and when Lance would start the next phase of his plan. This phase would put him onto a path where he could abuse the child at will, all while mum was at the shops buying food for her family.

This is where Lance would start to shower the child with gifts and toys each time he came to Lance’s place to be looked after. The plan was simple, the child would associate going to Lance’s place with fun, excitement, toys and games. Often the type of toys that the child did not have at home, as their family simply could not afford them.

With this part of the plan firmly in place Lance would then move to the part that he anticipated the most, molesting the child.

The methods that Lance and others used to keep their victims from talking or getting someone to believe their stories when they did have the courage to talk will be shared in my upcoming book ‘Who is really watching your children’.

My book will also provide in-depth information on a number of other techniques and activities used by pedophiles, along with the different types of peadophiles themselves.

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