Speaking from experience the answer may surprise you! With our ever increasing fascination and use of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to name a few, it seems that employers have jumped onto the bandwagon when looking for potential employees.

The difference is that employers are looking at your content and use of the many social media platforms for a completely different reason than you are. Let’s look at why and what they are looking for in a bit more detail below.

LinkedIn – Does your resume match what you have on your LinkedIn profile with respect to job roles, achievements, periods of employment and qualifications?

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram – What type of person are you? Does your ever so polite and professional covering letter and resume differ greatly from your activities on Facebook or the like? Would your activities in your private life, which, thanks to social media are now available for everyone to see, reflect badly on your potential employer’s business reputation?

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With the growth of live social media broadcasting, improved internet speeds and the availability and user friendly nature of smart devices, time poor customers and clients are increasingly dependent on the use of the internet to review and select their wants and needs. As such, decisions can be made on who to buy from and which service provider to use based on personal perception.

Perception of the reliability of a business, whether fair or not, can be disrupted or impeded by its employees and how they behave. Not only while in uniform or ‘on the clock’ but also on social media.

How? Simply by the weekend drunken activities being unwittingly posted on social media for all to see. Or the racial or aggressive rant typed as a reply to an online story or the filming of illegal activities, posted up on YouTube.

So when was the last time you typed your name into Google? What comes up? Go on give it a go; you might be unpleasantly surprised with the result.

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Does this mean we all have to be boring robots on social media? No not at all, it just means being aware of your ‘online footprint’ and behaving in a sensible way online. Whether you are currently employed or looking to change employer or even your entire career, you may just want to think about what you post on social media.

It’s a competitive world out there and you want to give yourself every chance of your reaching goals. Remember, the next person who reads your post or watches your video may just be a potential employer that you were hoping to impress. #changingcareers

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